Inclined Lines Analogies Girl g

Date : 20. November 2016

Often you may find certain analogies in the inclination of lines and axes. In these pictures  I try to show how they developed more precisely during the drawing process of the lower case ‘g’ of the Girl character. After having done the first intuitive sketches of the letter image I refined the upper left segment of the lower wide bowl by creating a clone of the lower right part of its upper bowl counter part (similar but not identical to the upper left). It was then countered in itself two times horizontally and vertically.

The angle that I needed to fit it in surprisingly is quite similar to what seems the upper right flag of the ‘g’ to predict for this letter in its overall inclined parts. After doing so the curve parts only had to be refined a little.

So analog to what beautiful Valentina so intuitively does in this photo shoot there are similarities of axes if they tend to be beautiful.

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