“But now it’s just a matter of grace.”
Smashing Pumpkins, Adore, 1998

Stefan Seifert

Stefan Seifert

Type Designer, Graphic Designer

I am a type designer and creative director born in Germany in 1967. Currently live and work in Hamburg, Germany. In the late nineties signed responsible for the Valdonega Aesthetic Line (VAL) for the Stamperia Valdonega in Italy, Verona.

I am working in the fields of classic graphic communication design, particularly my works explore the space among classic typography and modern print and web design. I hold a master of fine arts degree from University of Germany, Cologne in Communications Design, and gathered experiences in co-working for Vogue Italy and several major Italian publicity agencies as well as directing prestigious editorial projects in Germany. Founder and CEO at Elementi.

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Photo: Thomas Pritschet

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