Design Updates on Threeadvanced Sans Serif

  • <em>Threeadvanced</em> ‘<em>hy</em>’ · <em>Metrics</em> Window
    Threeadvancedhy’ · Metrics Window
  • <em>Threeadvanced</em> ‘<em>h</em>’ · Bézier Curves Detail
    Threeadvancedh’ · Bézier Curves Detail
  • <em>Threeadvanced</em> ‘<em>2A</em>’ · <em>Metrics</em> Window
    Threeadvanced2A’ · Metrics Window
  • <em>Threeadvanced</em> ‘<em>2</em>’ · Bézier Curves Detail
    Threeadvanced2’ · Bézier Curves Detail
Date : 25. January 2021

Some screenshots from the design updates on Threeadvanced Sans Serif typeface. The focus lies on rounding even more the inner bowl forms of letters and numbers. Moreover, the stem-bowl conjunctions have been re-elaborated, as for example on the lowercase letters as ‘n’ and ‘h’.

During my work I was inspired by Belgian photographer Marc Lagrange.

Marc Lagrange | Photography

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