Eclectic Revival

Date : 28. September 2018

Currently among other projects I have been working on the revival of an older Sans Serif font of mine called Eclectic. Here are some numbers of it during the process of adjustment and kerning. Originally it was sketched in a font program named FontStudio. Some time has passed but its fun sometimes to redraw such typefaces and it may take a while to get into the deeper understanding of its character. Those things that make a font unique and worth of an invention.

Those things that make a font unique and worth of an invention.

In this case it is the strange mixture of a rational Sans Serif construction and elliptic organic elements as in the ‘8’, for example. Moreover, it has a special treatment of stroke widths as you may notice on the ‘4’’s ascending left flank which mirrors in a subtle way the asymmetric swelling of curves and bowls.

Soon there will be more letters designed and I am curious for myself how it will develop over the time. As our fonts are like children. You may give them cure and teach them our principles but you never know what they for themselves will add to them and one has not so much influence, at all, on the way the grow up, anyway.

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