A Singular Character

Date : 4. March 2017

This a more experimental character I did for a Ferragamo lettering research. It is named Singular. More than alluding to a style attribute this refers to its attempt to use only one single curve part for constructing all letters’ shapes. In theory this is not really possible because of the many different form conjunctions that tend to be ugly and inconsistent if not differently treated with Bézier curve design. But sometimes we designers love it because it gives a character an overall strict and geometric shape as for as Bodoni once wrote in his fabulous Manuale Tipografico:

Ed è il primo la regolarità. Chi faccia l’analisi dell’Alfabeto d’una qualunque lingua, non solo scorgeravvi de’tratti non dissimili in molte diverse lettere, ma troverà potersi tutte comporre con picciol numero di parti identiche variamente combinate e disposte.

Giambattista Bodoni, Manuale Tipografico, 1818

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