The Trouble with the Own Name

  • <em>Seifert</em> · Logotype Letters (part)
    Seifert · Logotype Letters (part)
  • ‘<em>S</em>’ · Logotype Letter Drawing
    S’ · Logotype Letter Drawing
  • ‘<em>Sxia</em>’ · Letter Comparison <em>Glyph</em> Window
    Sxia’ · Letter Comparison Glyph Window
  • ‘<em>R</em>’ · <em>Bézier</em> Detail
    R’ · Bézier Detail
  • Revising the ‘<em>S</em>’ · Bézier Detail
    Revising the ‘S’ · Bézier Detail
Date : 6. January 2017

One of the most difficult tasks for a type designer is the design of his own logotype. It is kind of a mystery why the proper name looks so ugly for oneself. I guess many designers all over the world have this impression and I sometimes wonder if Madame Chanel (who might not have been a type designer but undoubtedly a designer) whose name seem so wonderful pretty to us all and is so much admired might have had the same intuition about it, or didn’t she? Or let’s think about Monsieur Christian Dior himself struggling with the appearance of his house’s logotype for the same reason. It is difficult to imagine, yet, for me for both logotypes gain so much just because of the beauty of their letter combinations.

However here are some screenshots while working on my own logo reviewing its typeface.

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