Ultrafine Ravish Numbers Revisited

  • <span class="author">Gemma Ward</span> · ‘<em>21</em>’ <em>Ravish Ultrafine</em> Numbers
    Gemma Ward · ‘21Ravish Ultrafine Numbers
  • <em>Ravish Ultrafine</em> ‘<em>2</em>’ · <em>Bézier</em> Curves Detail
    Ravish Ultrafine2’ · Bézier Curves Detail
Date : 5. December 2019

Sometimes it needs a little input to turn back to work on a character we did in the past. I owe this one to a very special person. These ultrafine numbers belong to a typeface which is called Ravish. I did a series of different weights varying also between rhythm and letter widths. It has a slight remembrance of characters such as Helvetica, yet is meant to add some special elegant detail. Most of its letters have unclosed lines.

Beautiful Gemma Ward photographed by french photographer Patrick Demarchelier inspired me during the work process. Special difficulties arise on such very fine letters where it comes to form conjunctions as here in the ‘2’. Detailed Bézier curves were introduced to keep the transition between its upper bowl and the diagonal downstroke smoother.

Patrick Demarchelier | Photography

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