Another Mirroring

  • <span class="author">Natalia</span> · <em>Reflection Ecriture</em> ‘<em>r</em>’
    Natalia · Reflection Ecriturer
  • <em>Reflection Ecriture</em> ‘<em>r</em>’ <em>Bézier</em> Curves
    Reflection EcriturerBézier Curves
  • Curve Detail with Calligraphic <em>Turning Point</em>
    Curve Detail with Calligraphic Turning Point

Another view of Natalia in Dior masterly captured by Peter Lindbergh side by side with the minor letter ‘r’ during design process of Reflection Italic character which later evolved into Reflection Ecriture.

The base of the stroke separation in the glyphs like ‘n’, ‘m’, ‘h’ and ‘r’ was pushed down to the bottom almost a little beyond baseline to enhance the flow of the letters and add more of a handwritten character to it. I also experimented with more evidenced calligraphic turning points obtained by inserted interim curves or straight lines into its curves.

Reflection Ecriture is conceived as an exclusive font for perfume design and should reflect the classic luxurious elegance of Christian Dior fashion griffe.

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Peter Lindbergh | Photography
Natalia Vodianova | Model

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