General Writings about Beauty and Art


While I was living in Italy I got in touch with the overwhelmingly innovative creative power of Italian artists and designers as well as with the energy which seems to still live in the background of this amazing country: namely that of Renaissance period.

In this blog I tried to sum up also some of the what now almost seem to me crazy thoughts that passed my mind those days and also later on. Some of them were inspired through my researches about Renaissance art and also writings of this time paired with my general admiration for female beauty and interest in the nature of forms. The merit of others — given that there is any — goes, at least in part for inspiring my contemplations, to those young girls in flower from the city of Hamburg, Germany.

Please be patient if most of them are in Italian language only (for now) and if there is some native Italian speaker out there willing to help me in editing them I would be very thankful. Feel invited to drop me a line here.

Stefan Seifert | Author (incl. quotes if not explicitly marked otherwise)