I did my first Jenson character (unnamed) as I said during university and it was totally hand drawn. I used a technique that I developed after my first characters drawn by pencil which was that of using film material working on it with black color marker and scalpell to rub of the outer form of each letter. I tried to copy the original in the most faithful way.

When I digitalized a new font years later in part I took those drawings as a base but also created new letters from the scratch on monitor by using special digitalizing methods that were for sure not conform to the ones generally used to set Bezier curves in an appropriate manner.

Very carefully I tried to translate all these details that came through the technique of punch cutting letter forms into steel by hand [making use of a chisel]. For example those tiny relicts where hairlines were conducted into the letter stems by the punchcutter leaving a little triangular “bridge” nearby the conjunctions.

Jenson ‘a’: Detail Form Connection

Jensona’: Detail Form Connection

Jenson Analogue Studies: ‘s’ Elaboration